15 Ways to Become a Better Person

When a person is thinking about self-improvement they may think of how they can become a better person. They may want to be more open and friendly to those that they meet. These are 15 ways to become a better person.
.1 Give Yourself a Compliment
You should begin the day addressing a skill you have or something that you know will make you happy. This will set the tone for the rest of the day.
.2 No Excuses
Life happens and there is no point in making excuses. Everyone makes mistakes and it is important to use them as a learning experience. Instead of blaming others take responsibility for these actions and learn from them.
.3 Let Go of Anger
When it is normal to get angry from time to time hanging on to anger will have a negative impact on your health. It can lead to stress and trouble sleeping. It is best to learn how to let some things go.
.4 Learn How to Forgive
This is something else that is hard to go. Forgiveness is important to help you learn from your personal experience and really put the thing in the past. Resentment can lead to stress and other feelings so it is best to really let it go.
.5 Be Honest
No one likes to be lied to. To be a better person tell the truth at all time. You need to learn how to express your feelings and lying to people will only make them feel violated.
.6 Help Others
When you see someone that is in need of help take a couple of minutes and help them. They will be thankful and you will be able to feel good knowing that you did something small to make someone else’s life better.
.7 Listen
Take the time to list what other people are saying. There are some interesting people out there with insight on life. This is a great way to develop connects and learn something positive.
.8 Help Locally
Each neighborhood has a local cause that can use some help. You can do something simple like donating clothing you no longer wear. You can also help out at a soup kitchen or food bank. This will make you feel good and help out others in your community.
.9 Be Polite
You should always use your manners and say please and thank you. Small acts of kindness can really make someone feel better about their day.
.10 Do Not be Fake
You should always be yourself and do not try to be what others want you to be. You should always act with your values and beliefs in mind. This will help you develop courage and you will be able to create boundaries in your life.
.11 Try New Things
You should be open to trying something new and having new experiences. You will get to experiment with new things and allow you to build up a sense of self-confidence.
.12 Show Respect
You should think about how your actions affect others. You do not always have to agree with someone but do not put them down. You need to clean up after yourself at home and in public to make things easier on people.
.13 Bring Something Along
If you are invited to dinner or even a social gathering brings something with you. Showing up with food or drinks will show that you appreciate the invite.
.14 Learn Something
If you do not understand something takes the time to learn more about it. If you do not know about the culture of another person take the time to learn about them.
.15 Surprises
Take the time to do something nice for others just for the sake of being nice. People like small surprises and it can make them feel good.
These are some tips on how to be a better person. People around you will appreciate this and you will have a happier life as well.