Stay safe while in Wyoming

Call 911

For non-emergencies, call 307.235.8278


Safety Icon - FireEnjoy the wild west, without a wild fire. Unless otherwise posted, open fires are not allowed. Please throw away smoking materials properly + avoid parking in dry grassy areas.


Safety Icon - Water

Altitude sickness can knock you down faster than the speed of totality. Stay hydrated, you’re in WYO’s dry + hot season.


Safety Icon - MountainDenver’s not the only mile high city! Casper’s elevation is nearly 6,000 ft! Speaking of being high, marijuana is illegal here. WYO doesn’t recognize medical marijuana, either.


Safety Icon - SunSoak up the sun BUT smother on the sunscreen. There may be 2.5 minutes of darkness, but we’ve got endless sunshine.


Safety Icon - Life VestEnjoying the lake or the river? Have a life jacket, beware of freezing temps + obey all rules/regulations.


Safety Icon - ChecklistEnjoy the wide open spaces in WYO, but prepare. No seriously, pack some extra food + water + fill up the gas tank. You may not see signs of human life for hundreds of miles.


Safety Icon - BuffaloDepending on what part of Wyoming you’re visiting, a traffic jam may just consist of Buffalo and Long Horn Sheep. Whether behind a Antelope or an Audi, drive with caution, watch for cars, bikes + pedestrians + always wear your seatbelt.


Safety Icon - BeerCrack open in a cold one – but only in designated drinking areas. Casper enforces open container laws + public intoxication laws.


Safety Icon - DogBringing Fido to the festival? Just keep him on a leash.


Safety Icon - LockBe smart. Don’t leave valuables in unsecured tents, lock your vehicles including campers + put your valuables out of site. Oh, and only camp in designated campgrounds.


Safety Icon - CarKeep an eye out for emergency vehicles while traveling. Slow down or move into the other lane when possible.


Safety Icon - PhoneCan you hear us now? Possibly not. WYO prides itself on open spaces, which could equate to lack of cell service.


Safety Icon - WindRemember that it’s windy! Daily wind speeds gust at around 30 MPH, sometimes even reaching 80 MPH or more!



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