When will I be able to view the eclipse in Casper?

The Great American Eclipse will take place on August 21st 2017. Casper will experience the eclipse from 10:22 am until 1:09 pm with totality occurring at 11:42:42 am and lasting 2 min and 26 sec! For more specific details and additional eclipse resources visit our ECLIPSE PAGE.

Where can I view the eclipse in Casper?

Just look up!  We are very fortunate that the entire city of Casper is in the line of totality!

Individuals:  The City of Casper and Natrona County offer lots of wide open spaces from STATE PARKS and CITY PARKS to STATE & BLM LAND as well as several businesses and organizations planning to welcome PUBLIC VIEWING in their parking lots or onto their property.

All coordinated viewing areas are listed HERE.

Casper Residents…you’ve got the best seat in the house!  Plan to view from home or the office without the hassle of traffic and crowds…what a great time to gather family and friends and experience this once in a lifetime opportunity together!

I’m just driving in for the day; can I pull over on the highway to view the eclipse?

The Wyoming Eclipse Festival and our friends over at Wyoming Department of Transportation highly encourage you to find an actual parking lot or noted viewing area as several cars on the shoulder can create a safety hazard to non-eclipse-viewing through traffic (ie. Semi and Delivery Trucks).  It’s also very dry in Wyoming and August is right in the middle of Fire Season, vehicles driving off of the pavement have a high risk of starting a brush fire.

Where can I find available accommodations?

There are lots of great hotels and campgrounds in Casper, and we’ve helped to make your search easier by removing Sold Out or Booked Properties so that what remains listed on our ACCOMMODATIONS PAGE still has availability. Keep in mind, some will require a minimum number of nights or only have certain nights available. We suggest contacting the local (307) number for each and speaking directly to someone at the property to get these specifics that might night be noted online or through their automated systems.

What types of activities will be available during the festival?

Speakers and Presenters, Live Music Events, Museum Exhibits, Outdoor Recreation and so much more!  Bookmark our EVENTS PAGE and check back often… Don’t miss out!

Where is the Wyoming Eclipse Festival?

The festival is made up of several different events and activities throughout the entire City of Casper and Natrona County.  Keep an eye on our EVENTS PAGE, and check back for links to interactive maps to help you locate where activities are taking place daily!

Where can I get eclipse viewing glasses?

There will be tons of places all over Casper to pick up or purchase glasses. We’ll be posting those locations here as the information comes available.

Do I have to buy ticket to the festival?

No! There is no overall Festival fee or charge. Certain activities may be ticketed but there will be a variety of free activities as well. And of course viewing the Great American Eclipse is completely free!

Oops, I lost my passport or identification card. What do I do?

Click here for information on what to do.


Are businesses going to be open during the festival?

We’d suggest checking with businesses individually to see if they have altered or changed operating hours due to the festival. Expect some non-essential businesses to make changes to hours specifically on Monday, 21st, Eclipse Day as traffic is expected to be higher on this day particularly.

I’m considering renting my house out during the festival.  How do I do that?

We recommend using  to list as the site not only advertises your property for you but it also ensures that you pay the proper lodging tax.

And because we want to make sure that you are able to take full advantage of this opportunity and do so in an informed and thought out way, we will offer workshops… “So, you want to rent your home on Airbnb!” to offer our assistance and guidance.  Dates for these workshops will be listed on our EVENTS PAGE as well as promoted on our Facebook @wyoeclipse.

Can I host camping on my private property in the County?

You bet! This, however, also requires a permit through the County of Natrona. CLICK HERE to complete the permit application. Once completed, submit your application to Trish Chavis

This is also a great opportunity to educate and inform the community!  So, we will host another workshop “So, you want to offer camping in your back yard!”

This too will give us the opportunity to offer assistance and guidance through the process.  We are also researching the best site to use to promote your campsites and make the process of reservations even easier! Dates for these workshops will be listed on our EVENTS PAGE as well as promoted on our Facebook @wyoeclipse.

Local Businesses

What do I need to do to prepare for the eclipse?

We’d love meet with you personally and discuss exactly how your business can prepare as well as thrive during the festival week.  On top of that we will offer industry specific brainstorming sessions where we provide the information about who is coming and how many then turn it over to the group to share ideas amongst peers. There will be plenty of business to go around, we’re excited to promote a community of businesses working together to achieve overall success!

How can I support the Wyoming Eclipse Festival?

We are so glad you asked! The Wyoming Eclipse Festival is a 501(c)3 and is a tax-deductible donation. You can join the 146 Club here as an individual or business or contact us at  to inquire about partnership and sponsorship opportunities. We offer a number of great opportunities to support the festival and be a part the communities overall success!


How can I get involved in the festival?

We are rounding up volunteers for the big weekend! Seeking Individuals, Families, and Organizations who want to get involved and help Casper put it’s best foot forward. Click the link for available shifts!NOTE: if your group would like to sign up together feel free to reach out directly Subject: VOLUNTEER GROUP


Vendors (food, craft, artists/musicians, speakers)

Do I need to be licensed to be a vendor? 

Yes, but the type of license may depend on what type of vendor you are. For inquiries about licensing please feel free to reach out to Carla the City of Casper’s Licensing Specialist 307.235.7568

Food vendors specifically, you’ll want to touch base with Ruth Heald at Casper-Natrona County Health Department 307.577.9736

All vendors in Wyoming are responsible for collecting sales tax on sales of tangible personal property [W.S. 39-15-103 (a)(i)(A)] and services to same.  This includes vendors who are only doing business here temporarily, such as during gun shows, craft sales, church bazaars, etc.  Wyoming laws require all businesses and/or individuals to register with the Department of Revenue when conducting sales in the State. Please feel free to contact Dale Paulley with the Wyoming Department of Revenue at 307-266-3621.

Please note, The Wyoming Eclipse Festival is not coordinating vendors. We have allowed our individual events to take care of this themselves. At this time, we have been notified that all vendor spots are full. You are welcome to reach out to individual events directly to inquire further.