Buses, Brews and Being Prepared

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I had to go back and read through old posts so I could remember what I’ve already shared! Things here continue to move at a steady pace… I’ve had a handful of great meetings in the last few weeks and several aha’s.

A few weeks ago I met with Michelle Johnson at Three Crowns Golf Course. They have no firm plans in place [yet] but they are considering several options. (Including a VIP party the day of on their back deck… amaaaazing!) I spoke with Tammy Owens at BLM, we first met in hopes we could move their campsites to a reservation system but they’ve elected, for now, to keep them first come first serve. I also had the chance to meet with a representative of the property owner who owns land off Hat Six Exit (the first exit into town as you drive north on I-25 fro Denver) – they have several hundred acres in the area they’re willing to consider as viewing areas. (More on this to come.)

Platte River Parkway is moving full steam ahead with their Brewfest event that weekend – it’ll be a fantastic place for locals and visitors alike to spend Saturday afternoon in the sun listening to music and sipping on microbrews. I also had a quick chat with a representative of Natrona County School District about using school buses to move people around the City, so far the need isn’t there, but we’ll continue to monitor developments. And finally, I had a jam session with Lt. Stewart Anderson, (he’s the Emergency Management Coordinator for Natrona County), you’ll have to watch the video to hear more about HIS primary concerns!


Parking, Portalets and Day Passes

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Earlier this week I met with Chief King regarding pedestrian traffic downtown and parking options. Nothing has been solidified but every week we get closer to understanding what we can do within the scope of keeping people entertained AND safe. I also spent an hour with Carolyn over at the Rec Center, they will be open during the Eclipse and will have day-use and aquatics passes available for residents, guests and campers. I also dropped in on Michele at the Planetarium – if you are looking for a speaker or an educational workshop on what to expect and how to best view the Eclipse you can connect with her directly at 307-577-0310.  They will be closed the weekend before and the day of the Eclipse.

I’ve also [already!] fielded a handful of calls from vendors who would like to use the ‘official’ eclipse logo on promotional items. That prompted us to reach out to an attorney to 1) trademark the logo in Wyoming and 2) draft a non-exclusive license agreement for use. And finally… I’ve spent the morning jamming about all things portalets. Who knew waste was such a big business?!

Casper College + Hells Half Acre

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Lowell Lyon and Carroll Iorg were in town this week to work through some of the logistics of their upcoming ASTROCON convention scheduled the week of the Eclipse. They met with several groups including the Parkway Plaza, the CVB and Casper College to hammer out accommodations as well as viewing areas for the amateur/professional astronomers.

We also learned that Casper College will be starting their 2017 fall semester on August 22, 2017, the day AFTER the Eclipse. The dormitories will NOT be available as accommodations as they will be housing part of their student population.

And finally, there has been some confusion about the Hells Half Acre site. Parks Director Dick O’Hearn and I met with the County Commissioners a few weeks ago to ask if they’d consider opening the space during this 5-day celestial event. The good news is, they didn’t say no (they didn’t say yes yet either!) but we’re hoping with the right plan in place, they will.

All that for $10 Bucks?

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Campgrounds, campgrounds, campgrounds! Currently, the City has sold 15 sites t(between RV and tent), and we’re working hard behind the scenes to get the Natrona County campsites listed on the Events Center website so it’s a seamless experience for our visitors.

I also met with Tom Jones and Angela Berry at the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds… they’re going to open their grandstands as a viewing area on Monday, August 21, 2017. The price of admission will include parking, a pair of glasses and a seat in the grand stands for $10. (Price subject to change.) Finally, I heard from City Leisure Services, they’re planning a golf tournament at the municipal golf course the day of… times still TBD. Enjoy!https://vimeo.com/160814101

How Many People Will Be In Town During the Eclipse?

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Things are clipping along at a holy wowza pace in regards to EclipseFest 2017. A few highlights this week are 1) We visited with the Natrona County Commissioners about re-opening Hells Half Acre during this event (for camping or otherwise) and 2) We’re moving forward in partnership with Casper College to get our arms around just how many people might visit between August 17 – 21, 2017 and 3) We’re getting closer to hiring a Director for this once-in-a-lifetime event. Get the need to know deets in the video here:

Seeking Festival Director – Wyoming Eclipse Festival

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Seeking Festival Director – Wyoming Eclipse Festival

The Casper Area Convention & Visitors Bureau is seeking a dynamic Festival Director to help develop and orchestrate the Wyoming Eclipse Festival. Wyoming is directly on the centerline of a Total Solar Eclipse in August 2017. We are looking for a creative and visionary leader who will solidify and further develop the Eclipse Festival’s status as a once-in-a-lifetime viewing event and lead us into the next vibrant phase of the festival’s evolution.

PRINCIPAL RESPONSIBILITIES: The Festival Director oversees and manages all aspects of the Wyoming Eclipse Festival. The Festival Director is responsible for ensuring all target areas are meeting forward progress through project management and for reporting that progress to the advisory board. The Director will see to the overall operations and financial success of the festival.


Festival Coordination & Management: Execute a timeline and workplan for the management of the festival and ensure that festival operates smoothly and deadlines are met.
Human Resources: Determines the need to recruit any staff and or/volunteers.
Programming: Work with various stakeholders to create a master plan for the event.
Business Relations: Build and maintain professional relationships with members of the business community. Negotiating of agreements with event suppliers and external vendors is included.
Fundraising: Oversee Marketing and Promotion to ensure sponsorships, individual and business donations, advertising sales, and fundraising efforts remain on schedule.
Leadership: Provide leadership to a team of key volunteers to drive successful event outcomes. Understand the nature of how to work with volunteers.
Reporting: Maintain key metrics and provide monthly reports to the advisory board.
Financial/Budget: Work with key volunteers to manage event budgets and drive cost efficiencies.
Promotion: Monitor promotional partnerships with business associations that drive event success. Assist in coordinating publications which can include monthly advisory committee reports, brochures, pamphlets, newsletters, videos, social media, and other materials as needed to promote understanding and appreciation of the event.
Communication: Work closely with internal teams to ensure event information is communicated to target audience well in advance of and during the event.
Management: Ensure efficient and effective use of all resources in order to help achieve safe and successful event.
Meeting Schedule: Organizes regular meetings with key individuals, volunteers, and agencies.
Other: Perform other duties and responsibilities as they arise for the success of the Wyoming Eclipse Festival.


Education: Any combination of education, training, and/or experience equivalent to completion of a bachelor’s degree with major coursework in communications, business and marketing. Previous experience in public relations, project management, or event planning is highly desirable.

Skills and Abilities:

  • Provide effective leadership and direction.
  • Coordinate the work of personnel and volunteers.
  • Operate modern office equipment, software and operating systems/applications.
  • Maintain a neat and professional appearance.
  • Communicate effectively verbally and in writing.
  • Establish and maintain effective working relationships with those contacted in
  • the course of work.
  • Interpreting and applying applicable laws, rules, and regulations.
  • Basic principles of budgeting.
  • Allocating limited resources in a cost effective manner.
  • Delegating and prioritizing work.
  • Public speaking.
  • Complex project management.
  • Problem solving.
  • Time management and meeting deadlines.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Operating in a courteous, knowledgeable and tactful manner with volunteers, staff, and the general public.
  • Oral and written communication, sufficient to exchange or convey effective information and to receive work direction.
  • Organize work to consistently handle multiple tasks simultaneously and ensure that workflow and administrative requirements are completed in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Attention to detail and concern for accuracy.
  • Delegate responsibilities and foster positive, productive relationships and team work among volunteers.
  • Lift up to 40 lbs. and to sit or stand at a computer for long periods of time.
  • Work as needed including weekends, nights, and holidays.
  • Respond to sensitive matters and/or situations with discretion, tact, and confidentiality

This is a full time, salaried position that sunsets on August 31, 2017. To apply, please email a detailed cover letter and your resume to: Visitors@VisitCasper.com and include FESTIVAL DIRECTOR – Wyoming Eclipse Festival in the subject line. No phone calls please.