2017 Wyoming Eclipse Festival

When a once-in-a-lifetime event comes soaring over Casper, we’re going to celebrate.
On Aug. 21, 2017, join scientists, photographers, eclipse chasers and thousands of residents from across the globe in a march to the Line of Totality in Casper. With an altitude over 5,000 feet and high probability of clear skies, our little Wyoming town will be one of the best places in the nation to view this celestial spectacle.
While 2.5 minutes of eclipse rapture is worth the trip to Casper, we’ll have a full schedule of special activities and programs all week long. Accommodations are filling up at blinding speeds, so plan your trip now. We can’t wait to experience Eclipse 2017 with you.








We know you’re here to look at the sky, but we invite you to experience some of the best of planet Earth. With a mountain, river and lake all within 45 minutes of downtown, dining, shopping and outdoor recreation are options in a single day. Whether you like your eclipse chasing with a side of custom cowboy boots, sushi or world-class fly fishing, we have everything you need for the ideal vacation in Casper.

Throwin’ shade — in a good way



Get your official Wyoming Eclipse Festival Memory Book! 🌟 https://t.co/L1KHt5xCrJ

Get your official Wyoming Eclipse Festival Memory Book! https://t.co/UeJuHaYmiy

Not ready to forget our weekend of fun before the disappearance of the Sun? We understand! Purchase the... https://t.co/rtJvwwN7De

Stew played a HUGE and vital role in the planning and execution of The Wyoming Eclipse Festival! Thank you for... https://t.co/ci44Z2uPDO

Who hung out at David Street Station during the eclipse festival?? Did you know, absolutely everything they do... https://t.co/nyLVHt4Mvx

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